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Fundamental Research

For more then 100 years since the company's inception Hoyu has invested untold efforts in research and development. Upholding our ability to continually release products that are routinely heralded as "unprecedented" is a fusion of a solid foundation of research data and ultra-modern technology.

Our General Research Institute currently comprises the following three laboratories. The Basic Research Laboratory conducts fundamental researches on the mechanism of hair coloring and product safety; the Applied Research Laboratory develops products incorporating state-of-the-art technologies; and the Research Management Room develops easy-to-use packages and conducts product testing. The General Research Institute produces high quality products that realize a high level of customer satisfaction. Many of the new technologies incorporated into Hoyu products have been patented or registered as industrial new designs. Moreover, to further improve our basic studies, we continuously dispatch researchers to universities and research institutes for joint research programs. While maintaining close contact with our sales, production and other sections, the Research Institute is devoting efforts toward consolidating the market status of the products, which bear our own brands. At the same time, it is focusing on study for the development of even safer, more usable and environmentally sounder products.

One in eight Hoyu employees works in R&D. What makes us unique and alert is that our development is always based on the customer’s viewpoint. With more than 10% of Hoyu’s staff working in the R&D department, we have gathered and analyzed decades of knowledge and data about the beauty and health industry. Paired with our advanced technological capabilities, our R&D facilities are among the best in the industry. Our research covers a broad spectrum of topics such as hair-dyeing mechanisms, color science, manufacturing technologies, improvement of safety, the development of the most up-to-date technology and product testing. With our unique new technologies and commitment to our consumers, Hoyu has set many of the standards in the hair coloring industry.